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Saying thanks on thanksgiving day, November 22, 2018. Dig deep in the positives, gain perspective on the negatives, and notice the small great things in daily life to cultivate gratitude.

Make habits, not resolutions. December 31, 2017. To ensure your actions match your intentions, you start by building healthy habits that stick, get you moving in the right direction, and keep you on the desired path.

Block, Curate, Timebox. September 16, 2017. Focus is key to starting high-value projects and finishing them with less stress and more joy. Focus involves directing your limited mental resources on the one thing that matters, and ignoring the things that don’t.

90-day goals and productivity hacks. June 13, 2017. Plan your goals around 90-day periods, review your important tasks and do them daily, and reflect on and celebrate your accomplishments each week.