Coaching Programs – One-on-One Sessions, Seminars + Workshops

Coaching programs are designed to help individuals, teams and groups make positive changes in key areas.

They can be customized to your personal needs and desired outcomes. This might be a one-on-one session for yourself or a 60/90-minute seminar or half-day workshop for your team or group.

Rates depend on various factors, including whether the coaching program is for a small team or a large group. Contact me for more details.


(I) The 3A’s: Creating a Purposeful Life through Attention, Acceptance & Authenticity –  Coaching Program for Discovering (and Rediscovering) Purpose

High-pressure situations, unpredictable outcomes, and emphasis on external rewards often lead to non-stop busyness, discontent and angst,  and a sense of emptiness despite accomplishments.

Are you tired of waiting for something specific to occur to be at peace? Do you desire to be fully present in the midst of chaos and stress, work with external forces you cannot control, and make progress on what’s really important to you?

Regardless of ups and downs, you can still create a purposeful life, career or business through:

  • Attention (seizing the power of the present moment)
  • Acceptance (embracing uncontrollable situations and circumstances as they unfold)
  • Authenticity (acting in alignment with your true self and core values)

The 3A’s will help you:

  • Develop mindful awareness of your present situation
  • Reduce stress and worry over circumstances that are beyond your control
  • Enjoy the process and appreciate your progress, irrespective of the outcome
  • Take desired action in simple, manageable steps

(II) Focus & Flow Coaching Program for Enhancing Productivity

Faced with competing priorities, time pressures, economic realities and endless interruptions, you work long and hard to stay afloat and get things done. Non-stop busyness does not always lead to meaningful accomplishments and greater productivity; instead, it can create mediocre results, heighten stress and fuel burnout.

Do you get overwhelmed by distractions that take you away from your real priorities? Would you like to improve your ability to channel your focus, find flow in your efforts, and achieve better results with greater ease?

Focus & Flow will help you:

  • Focus on your real priorities by making deliberate choices about what you say “yes” to and what you say “no” to
  • Find flow in your work by single-tasking and avoiding multitasking
  • Manage distractions, minimize interruptions, and achieve your highest priorities
  • Create an ideal and enjoyable work-life mix

(III) Schedules & StructuresCoaching Program for Planning and Executing Your Ideal Schedule for Peak Performance

Every person has 24 hours in a day, 7 days in a week. While time is limited, the to-do list is limitless. With so many responsibilities in different spheres of life, it can be hard to figure out how to plan your day, create healthy daily habits, and make the best use of your time.

Do you need to improve your attention, use your time better, and level up where you spend your energy?  Is your body clock in sync with your daily planning and weekly scheduling? Do you feel like you spend most of your day responding to requests, instead of engaging in high-cognitive tasks or creative projects that will move you forward? 

Schedules & Structures will help you:

  • Build a schedule that encourages life-enhancing routines and habits
  • Plan your day around your body clock (circadian rhythm and ultradian rhythm)
  • Match your energy level with your various tasks, from managing your email inbox and attending meetings to thinking, planning and writing
  • Use time blocking to allow for high-quality output and peak performance

(IV) Up & Onward – Coaching Program for Investing in Growth & Development

In life, work and business, you can expect to face overwhelming difficulties and major disappointments. You can still take effective action in the midst of doubt, fear and uncertainty.

Does fear or anxiety stop you from doing what truly matters to you? Are you feeling stuck with an old habit you just can’t seem to shake? Do you seek to build resilience, overcome obstacles and recover from setback?

Up & Onward will help you:

  • Open up to difficulties and disappointments as an integral part of your growth and development
  • Reframe failures, screw-ups and unknowns as pathways to success
  • Overcome barriers, detours and U-turns with appreciation and grace
  • Develop processes, practices and routines to move onward with healthy pursuits

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