Listen to The Incrementalist, A Productivity Podcast on Making Big Changes in Small Steps

The Incrementalist…a productivity podcast on making big changes in small steps… is up! As of January 3, the introduction (episode 1) is available on the show website, through podcast apps like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and ListenNotes, and via RSS feed.

Hosted by Dyan Williams – a productivity & purpose coach and solo lawyer – this show offers simple techniques and tools to focus on your top priorities and design a well-lived life. You will learn how to use the Incrementalist approach to turn your ideas into action, maximize focus, and make time for what truly matters.

We’ll cover practical ways to implement big changes or finish a big project in small steps. The change or project may relate to your work, your family, your relationships, a creative endeavor, or any other domain of life. 

Give it a listen. If you enjoy the content, share it with others and leave a 5-star rating. And be sure to subscribe too! Subscribers get new episodes on their podcast feed as soon as they are released. Word-of-mouth will help to grow the show and keep it going!