Do you seek to gain personal freedom, achieve your top priorities, and cultivate a meaningful life?

Are you getting many things done, but still feel unaccomplished and unsatisfied at the end of your day?

Is your way of living, working, or running your business out of sync with your deepest desires and true purpose?

If you’re looking to make positive, lasting changes in simple, manageable steps — while keeping the stuff you love — talk to me.

I’m your Productivity & Purpose Coach who will help you integrate your life and work to create fulfillment, independence, and success on your terms. Although I am often asked to coach and speak on “work/life balance,” I believe work is very much a part of life and a better term is “work-life blend.”

I partner with working parents, attorneys, business owners and other “busy” people who seek to turn their ideals into action, maximize productivity (i.e. get the most important things done), and make time for what truly matters.

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Professionally Speaking

The work I do:

Productivity & Purpose Coach. In my coaching, speaking and writing, I specialize in helping you make changes in the following areas:

  • Productivity: minimize interruptions and distractions; stop useless multitasking; overcome procrastination; master stress; take action with greater ease and in less time; apply laser-sharp focus on key, high-impact goals
  • Purpose: take 100% responsibility for the choices you make; reduce busyness to focus on what really matters; develop mindfulness; stretch beyond your comfort zone to unlock your full potential; capitalize on your gifts and skills

Through collaboration and co-creation, you work with me to form healthy habits and take daily action to accomplish your top priorities. I provide you with tips, tools and techniques to shed unnecessary things that drain you; focus on your important, creative work; and have fun learning and growing.

Founder & Principal Attorney at Dyan Williams Law PLLC.  I am an immigration lawyer who helps foreign nationals live, work and study lawfully in the U.S. I help them fulfill their own personal version of the American dream.

I also counsel other lawyers on legal ethics and professional responsibility issues. I help solo practitioners and small firm lawyers build an ethically-conscious practice that puts client service at the forefront.

Being a lawyer gives me firsthand experience with high-pressure situations, time constraints and conflicting demands. By working purposefully, I get to enjoy multiple vocations and a healthy work-life mix.

Credentials You Might Want to Know About

When I coach professionals, entrepreneurs, leaders and teams, I draw mostly from my multi-faceted personal journey. My formal training and experience also come in handy.

Host of The Incrementalist: A Productivity Show on Making Big Changes in Small Steps. This YouTube channel and podcast offers simple techniques and tools to focus on your top priorities and design a well-lived life. You will learn how to use the Incrementalist approach to turn your ideas into action, maximize focus, and make time for what truly matters.

Author of The Incrementalist: A Simple Productivity System to Create Big Results in Small Steps. This book explains how to become an INCREMENTALIST to create big results, in small steps, without pushing yourself too far beyond your comfort zone, burning out, and feeling inadequate. By practicing 5 principles outlined in the book, you can do great work and stretch your limits, gradually and slowly. Incremental progress helps you gain control, master your craft, and seamlessly integrate all that matters to you.

Certified Life Coach. I obtained my coach certification from Dr. Martha Beck, best-selling author of “Finding Your Own North Star” and “Steering by Starlight.” I am also a certified AWE Coach© who completed advanced coach training with Patrick Ryan, executive coach, leadership trainer, former Buddhist monk, and author of “Awakened Wisdom: A Guide to Reclaiming Your Brilliance.”

Certified Yoga Teacher (RYT), Reiki Practitioner and Tai Chi Instructor. I completed the 230-hour Yoga Teacher Training at Yoga Center of Minneapolis; the Reiki Second Degree Practitioner Course at Meta Institute; and the Teacher Training in Foundation of Tai Chi Movement Form at Natural Step School of Tai Chi & Qi Gong.

Adjunct professor. I previously taught at the University of St. Thomas, School of Law, where I mentored law students in navigating professional challenges, building relationships, personal marketing, and developing their networks.

College Alumnus. While you don’t need college to learn and achieve great things, I benefited from higher education. I have a J.D. from William Mitchell College of Law; an M.A. in Human Resources & Industrial Relations from the University of Minnesota, Curtis L. Carlson School of Management; and a B.A. in Journalism & Mass Communication and Political Science, with a minor in Speech Communication, from the University of Minnesota.

Personal Tidbits

I was born in Jamaica and raised on the island by my entrepreneurial/self-employed mom and pop. A middle child, I grew up with my younger sister and older brother, and many cousins.

Eons ago, I moved to the U.S. to attend college and discovered my new home. I now live in the Midwest with my best friend/husband and our two children.

On the personal front, my top priorities are connecting with family and friends, playing piano, practicing yoga and tai chi, taking long walks, enjoying nature, learning videography & photography, traveling, and sharing a good laugh.