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ATTENTION WORKSHEET: Attention is seizing the power of the present moment. Complete this worksheet to explore your own level of attention.

ACCEPTANCE WORKSHEET: Acceptance is embracing uncontrollable situations and circumstances as they unfold. Complete this worksheet to explore your own level of acceptance.

AUTHENTICITY WORKSHEET: Authenticity is acting in alignment with your core values and true self. Complete this worksheet to explore your own level of authenticity.

FOCUS QUIZ: How well do you prioritize, respond to distractions, and take action on your creative work and most important projects? Take this 3-minute, 10-item quiz to find out.

FOCUS & FLOW VIDEO: Do you wake up in the morning feeling overwhelmed and overscheduled? At the end of your day, do you worry that you accomplished nothing meaningful? Watch this video to learn how to accomplish more by decluttering and single-tasking.

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