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THE INCREMENTALIST: A SIMPLE PRODUCTIVITY SYSTEM TO CREAT BIG RESULTS IN SMALL STEPS. Incrementalism is a low-cost, high-reward productivity system that will help you implement your big idea or finish a big project regardless of your limited time, energy, resources, skills, motivation and, perhaps most of all, courage.

This book will show you how to become an INCREMENTALIST to create big results, in small steps, without pushing yourself too far beyond your comfort zone, burning out, and feeling inadequate. Incremental progress helps you gain control, master your craft, and seamlessly integrate all that matters to you. he idea or project may relate to your work, your family, your relationships, a creative endeavor, or any other domain of life.

As a subscriber, you get sample pages including Table of Contents, Introduction, and Chapter 1 on Habits, Rituals, Routines.

The ebook is available at https://leanpub.com/incrementalist


A BEGINNER’S GUIDE TO MEDITATION AND MINDFULNESS IN DAILY LIFE Mindfulness and meditation can be practiced in your daily life. Check out this beginner’s guide to add mindfulness and meditation throughout your day.

FROM PROCRASTINATION TO ACTION – HOW TO STOP USING BUSYNESS AS A PROXY FOR TRUE PRODUCTIVITYTrue productivity means aligning your daily, weekly and monthly actions with your values, priorities and desired outcomesBusyness involves an emphasis on taking action on many things, without first making deliberate choices about what matters most. Read this productivity guide to develop habits and skills to stop procrastination and take action on your high-leverage projects.


ATTENTION WORKSHEET: Attention is seizing the power of the present moment. Complete this worksheet to explore your own level of attention.

ACCEPTANCE WORKSHEET: Acceptance is embracing uncontrollable situations and circumstances as they unfold. Complete this worksheet to explore your own level of acceptance.

AUTHENTICITY WORKSHEET: Authenticity is acting in alignment with your core values and true self. Complete this worksheet to explore your own level of authenticity.

FOCUS QUIZ: How well do you prioritize, respond to distractions, and take action on your creative work and most important projects? Take this 3-minute, 10-item quiz to find out.


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