8 Ways You Can Learn to Deal with Jealousy

8-Ways-You-Can-Learn-to-Deal-with-JealousyWhether you envy someone because of his high metabolism, corner office, house on the lake, or latest solo travel to an exotic country, jealousy can throw you off your game, squander your energy, and generate angst for yourself.

Below are 8 surefire ways you can deal with jealousy to minimize its draining effects and harness its power:

1. Develop an abundance mindset
2. Learn from those who have made it
3. Acknowledge that you have something unique to contribute
4. Stop comparing yourself to others
5. Get your act together
6. Determine if what the other person has is what you really want
7. Realize that another person’s success doesn’t make you a failure
8. Understand that jealousy is a normal, universal emotion

To learn more, check out my article, 8 Ways You Can Learn to Deal with Jealousy on Lifehack.


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Photo by: Luke Saagi